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200-Hour Annual Teacher Training in Puerto Vallarta

12th Annual Yoga Alliance Sanctioned*
200-Hour Teacher Training
October 17 – November 20, 2019

Yoga Vallarta teams up once again with
sister studio since 2001, Yoga at the Village


Expand Your Understanding / Train To Teach Hatha Yoga*
*(You do not need to be an aspiring yoga teacher to take this course.

Training Info:

Yoga Vallarta hosts Yoga at the Village presenting a unique expanded study and teacher training course for enthusiastic practitioners, as well as potential instructors.

All established yoga traditions point to the same underlying reality, but they each come from their own, intrinsically valid, philosophical perspective.

Our course in Puerto Vallarta is designed to provide a harmonious exploration of Classical Hatha Yoga traditions, in a respectfully adventurous format.* (See note below)

We welcome guest master teachers Frances Rothenberg, RVT, ERYT-500, Terry Connell, LAcamong others.

If you’re interested in expanding your understanding of yoga and/or would like to become a teacher, please join us! In this inclusive experience, you will receive essential information on living a yogic life,
as well as leading safe and well structured, Hatha Yoga classes.

Contact us: and write Teacher Training on subject line

*Note: Our training is not governed by one specific philosophy or franchise.  We offer a comprehensive, thorough experience.  There is not one way to present, teach or learn.  Our goal is to provide our teaching candidates with an historic understanding of tthe Classical traditions of yoga and how it was presented, taught and learned by the masters long ago. You, as a student of yoga or prospective teacher, will be able to present, teach, and continue your learning with an educated open mind infused with a dose of humor.



Upcoming Events as of January 2018

Yoga Vallarta heartedly supports its local community through generous donations and volunteer contributions. In the past, Yoga Vallarta has donated or contributed to the following.

  • Pasitos de Luz
  • Casa Infantil Mojoneras
  • Huichols
  • Banderas Bay Women's Shelter
  • SPCA de PV
  • R.I.S.E.
  • V.E.S.

Yoga Vallarta looks forward to continuing support of local organizations. If you'd like us to donate gift certificates for your fundraiser, please contact our manager. Email

Special events coming up...Register by email:


New Year's Day Restore & Renew 2019 - Barbara Crompton

Start your new year with a decadent two-hour restorative practice guided by, Barbara Crompton. Barb will start the class with some guided breath work and set an intention for the practice to follow. The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages – particularly those with chronic pain or limitations. If you need rest or are recovering from an injury, this is the class for you. All yoga postures are supported with yoga props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs) and held for much longer than our traditional Hatha yoga classes. Assists, massage and aromatherapy oils will complement the experience. A long inviting savasana will culminate the blissful morning and prepare you for a glorious year. 
Space is limited. Sign up soon to reserve your place, price $500 pesos. 
Yoga Vallarta members with an active Monthly Yoga Pass or Class Card Series, price $350 pesos. 

Tuesday January 1, 2019
10:30am – 12:30pm
$500 pesos / YV Members $350 pesos


Restorative & Yoga Nidra / Lynette Suchar

Nourish Yourself: This workshop will combine the powerful practice of restorative yoga with a transformative and healing yoga nidra session. Both will allow you to rest, renew, and plant seeds to create your life. One hour of restorative yoga will help you slow down, stretch, and release tension, and an hour of yoga nidra will assist you in relaxing even deeper through all koshas (layers) of the body and mind. You will create your own personal samkalpa (intention) and be guided through a visualization. Bring what you need to be warm and comfortable. 

Tuesday January 8, 2019
4pm – 6pm
$500 pesos / YV Members $350 pesos


International Intuitive Couselor & Numerologist - Deirdre Morgan

Realign yourself as you embark on 2019!
Tuesday December 18, 2018
1pm – 2pm
$350 pesos / YV Members $250


Art For All - Art Healing Workshop/ Dr. Pam Sobo, PSY. D.
Join us for a unique workshop of Gestural Art and Visual Journaling.
Discover how to sense and communicate with your body through:
- Meditation
- Visual Journaling
- Ink Drawing
Awaken your play instinct! Explore your body and spirit to help decrease stress and
unlock a hidden wealth of Joy. More about Dr. Pam, 


Manage Emotions Mindfully / Alan Davis

TBA: January 2019



Heartfulness Meditation / Helen Mlynarski

In this class you will meditate on one chakra bringing your 
mental attitude to a more peaceful state.
11:45am – 12:45pm / $250 pesos (15 usd)



Manage Emotions Mindfully / Alan Davis, Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Facilitator

Are you aware of how emotions affect your life?
In the U.S. and Canada, depression, stress and anxiety have gone beyond epidemic levels.
Just as in yoga as we become more flexible, the healthier and more open we will be. Emotions are the same, if we are positively attached to our emotions, we will function more securely. Open to everyone. Each part can be taken individually or as a series. Each part has several benefits for the attendee.
More about Alan
January 2019
11:45am - 12:45pm 



A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Study Group

Studying a course in miracles text and workbook.
Applying the teaching in your life without compromise.
If you feel called, join us =)
Your donation sustains this study group.
Wednesdays (we meet every week)
1pm – 2:15pm / Strictly by donation
Sandra Bradley, ACIM practitioner for 35 years & Psychotherapist
More about Sandra


Iyengar Yoga Workshop, Paul King, March 2019

Topic: Knees
1pm – 3pm / 500 pesos (28 usd)

Topic: Hips
10:15am - 12:15pm / 500 pesos (28 usd)

Topic: Spine
10:15am - 12:15pm / 500 pesos (28 usd)

More details about each topic and Paul King follow link below