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Alma Aguilar

Alma grew up in Los Angeles where she began practicing yoga with Ellen Voehringer and Terri Pitts. Since then, she has studied with many gifted teachers and continues to learn and explore."As a teacher, I am no more than a very diligent student. 

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Letter from a student:

"Another true gift and talent is in your ability to modify each move for every student. You have done an amazing job teaching me adaptation skills for my body and yet still push to make sure that I am maximizing each movement as far as I am able. I so admire the way you sweep through the room, watching every student every minute and yet keep everyone involved at a variety of levels of difficulty. You do it so effortlessly. What a gift you have!" - Larry 


Barbara Crompton

Completed Hatha Yoga Alliance Training, Prana course in Thailand during the month of January 2003. She has taught over 2,500 classes - Hatha, Power, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Dance Trance yoga, yoga on the ball, Yogalotis, Pilates, Myofascial release ball classes, yoga for kids, yoga for the older adult/baby boomer etc.
Founder, President and CEO of The Graham Group of Progressive Companies: The Fitness Group (founded in 1979), The PT Group (founded in 1994), Active Rehabilitation Works (founded in 1995), The Corporate Group (founded in 1997) & The Educators Group (founded in 1997). A dynamic leader and teacher, highly regarded in the health, yoga and fitness industry and business community for continuous contribution to the well being of individuals, corporations and communities.  Barbara has been teaching a wide variety of mind, body classes and facilitating one on one training for over 25 years.

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Sharon Delbridge

Sharron's teaching schedule

Always learning, Sharon endeavors to bring new inspiration, while grounding in strong traditional foundations, giving space and guidance for students to walk their individual path of Yoga to their happiest, healthiest selves.
“In my classes, I strive to respect and honor the rich traditions and transformative power of Yoga.  Being a teacher, allows me to express and share Yoga’s life affirming benefits”

Terry Connell

 I came to yoga like most people do - looking for help to manage the stress in my life. It worked. I have had students come up to me after class and say, they've decreased their blood pressure medication since starting yoga, they are sleeping better, or  have more sustained energy through the day. That's why I practice yoga, and that's why I teach it.
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Helen Mlynarski

Helen Mlynarski is from Los Angeles, Cal. where she has practiced & led individuals into  mediation for over 10 years. Helen has studied meditation & spiritual principles at Agape University of transformational studies and leadership in Culver City , California as well as the teachings of Mindfulness Meditation at  UCLA Mindful Awareness Research center.

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Lynette Suchar



Monica Gonzalez



Jorge Banda